Media Kit


Welcome to the 2015 media kit. Here you will find more information about The New Artemis, our staff, our readers, our content, and sponsorship opportunities.

The New Artemis

ashley henneferThe New Artemis was founded in spring of 2013 by journalist and researcher Ashley Hennefer, who wanted to create a more inclusive space for gear enthusiasts, makers and techies. Hennefer is an award-winning writer and editor; The New Artemis is her second popular web magazine. She was also an editor of, and writes for various print and web publications such as and The Mary Sue.

What started as a simple Tumblr blog quickly became a full-fledged website with a staff of contributors. Less than a year later, The New Artemis has become a well-respected website in the gear and maker community, known for its clean design and well-written, well-researched content. The site’s name is an homage to Artemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt and the wild.



The New Artemis has a dedicated staff of regular contributors, many of whom are specialists and professionals in the fields they write about. Our writers have background knowledge in journalism, higher education, emergency response services, the military, outdoor recreation and engineering. This ensures that our content is written from a knowledgeable perspective by those who live and breathe for adventure and design. To learn more about each contributor, visit our About page.


Our mission at The New Artemis is to feature a diverse selection of content that fits within an overarching theme: living an adventurous life in a modern era. For us, this is facilitated through gear, travel, skills, stories and design. But rather than just featuring unattainable luxury lifestyles, we try to appeal to those who seek out adventure and style on more realistic budgets.

We have content posted 3-5 times per week, including (but not limited to):

  • Gear reviews
  • Roundups
  • How-to articles
  • Primers to new skills

Some of our popular series include:

  • EDC on a budget: Five days, five articles, five items each $50.
  • Pop Culture Carry: Exploring the gear kits of our favorite fictional characters.
  • Seasonal guides: Gear, roundups and recreation for each season.

We’ve also introduced two new series this year–Makers and Field Notes–to profile artisans and professional adventurers.

Readership & Online Presence


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Sponsorship & Advertising

No additional compensation

Our writers are always looking for items to review. If you would like your product reviewed, please contact us at editor [at] thenewartemis [dot] com or send items to:

Ashley Hennefer c/o The New Artemis
1450 Idlewild Dr., Unit 424
Reno, NV 89509

$25 to host

Giveaways help bring new customers to your company. We require a nominal fee of $25 to help facilitate giveaways. Giveaways may include gift cards to your store, clothing items, gear (law permitting), tools, electronics, books, media, or other items related to our content.

Starting at $300

We love to promote our favorite brands and companies, and sponsored content is a great way to match your products with our content in a meaningful venue for our readers. This is a great option for established companies looking to expand their customers or talk about new releases, products or updates.

Starting at $70/month

Our website runs on WordPress and provides ample opportunity for short-term or long-term advertisements. Currently, we have three advertising spaces available at $70, $100 and $200 per month. Multi-month contracts are available.

To discuss these sponsorship opportunities, or to find out what other options are available for your budget, email We love to work with big and small companies alike!