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The New Artemis is a gear and gadget blog for the modern adventurer. For us, the modern adventurer is someone who finds a balance between the past and the future. We strive to find the link between the tools we use and love and the context from which those tools were created.

Curating an everyday carry is a rite of passage. (Don’t think so? Read our Everyday Carry Manifesto.) The things we carry say much about who we are as people and what we value.

Beyond that, we’re lifelong learners, on never-ending quests to learn new skills and see the world.

And sometimes, we just like to drool over well-designed gear.

We hope you’ll find a little bit of everything here. Thanks for reading!


While we make every attempt to provide factual, well-researched information, we are not specialists in survivalism. Please use the tools, weapons and first aid profiled on this website at your own risk.

We also occasionally use affiliate links to help fund our website. We maintain transparency when posting sponsored posts, and any c/o items will be clearly labeled.


Ashley Hennefer, Founder/Editor-in-Chief

Ashley Hennefer is a writer, researcher, and the founder of The New Artemis. She’s an award-winning journalist and an editor for AllOutdoor.com. She holds a Master’s degree and develops workshops on design and technology for Northern Nevada’s coworking space, the Reno Collective. A former Girl Scout, she’s especially fond of knives and notebooks. She also loves gaming, traveling, writing, and hacking/modding. The New Artemis was born out of her desire to seek adventure in all aspects of her life.


Andrew Warren, Assistant Editor

Andrew Warren is a mechanical engineer, maker, and a research scientist. He currently is researching biofuel and renewable energy systems at the Desert Research Institute in Nevada. As a maker, his interests include programming, metal work, homebrewing, circuits, and cars. He’s also an avid gamer.


Joe Gelman, Contributing Writer

Joe Gelman was born and raised in Florida. He is an avid angler, hiker and kayaker and a sworn “professional slacker” and “Jack of All Trades.” He’s always searching for a better way to live life. His hobbies are collecting vintage pocket knives, Victorinox Swiss Army Knives and all things antique. In mid-2012, he launched “The Florida Steampunker Blog” to consolidate his interests. He’s spent the last year developing a “tiered” approach to his everyday carry. Joe is looking to finally go to college and graduate school for a degree in Forensic Psychology.


Matt Barrow, Contributing Writer

Matt Barrow is a writer, photographer, outdoorsman, and pipe smoking enthusiast who has called the hot forests of Alabama home since he was born. A Boy Scout when he was a kid, he ended up with a natural sense of preparedness ingrained into his personality. He holds a love of Swiss Army Knives, Zippo Lighters, Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipes, and Teva shoes. Like Ron Swanson, he mostly eats meat and will refuse to wash his beard after visiting a steakhouse.


Zachary Carey, Contributing Writer

Zachary Carey is an avid outdoorsman, canine lover, and proud Masshole (Massachusettsian). Some of his hobbies include fishing, hiking, camping, kayaking, off-roading, and archery. An amateur knife enthusiast, he has a varity of blades ranging from large folding blades to small fixed blades. He is also new to the prepping scene, and is always on the hunt for additions to his Bail Out Bag and collection of gear. He also admits to being a full-fledged gear snob, gearaholic, and has soft spot for tactical gear. He’s currently going to school to pursue a career in Criminal Justice.


Nat Wagstaff, Contributing Writer

Nat Wagstaff is from the United Kingdom and works full time as a graphic designer. He spent a good chunk of 2013 training for an endurance hiking challenge that has birthed in him a passion for adventure. He and his wife are also expecting the birth of their first child in January, which will be another adventure altogether. In his spare time he enjoys making things out of paracord, hiking, gaming, playing guitar and running a backpack blog, Pack Config.


Rick Stowe, Contributing Writer

Rick Stowe is an outdoorsy hobby collecting nemophilist. He works in Higher Education and recently completed his M.Ed in counseling. He enjoys hiking, fishing, and camping in the hills of East Tennessee. While at home he enjoys leather working and reading, especially vintage books on outdoor pursuits. When the occasion and motivation coincide he enjoys taking his cyclocross bike out for a spin on the local trails. An admitted gear nerd he constantly strives to minimize his collection, while still having the tool for whatever job may arise. Check out his curated blog, North of South East; his ramblings; and his Twitter and Instagram.

martinMartin Masongsong, Contributing Writer

Martin Masongsong is simply an individual striving to experience what he can in such a limited time. Realizing the obstacles he may face, he is always finding a way to improve himself. When it comes to preparedness, he is never hesitant to help educate others who are willing to learn. As a licensed loss prevention officer and an experienced first responder, Martin is exposed to certain situations that show him what he truly values. He is determined to become an enlisted member of the Canadian Forces. In his spare time, he loves to create lasting memories with friends, research anything that tickles his curiosity, and take any adventurous opportunity.

_MG_6010Austin Rapp, Contributing Writer

Austin Rapp is a self proclaimed “grandpa” and lover of all things classical. He is an ardent minimalist and explorer, always looking for the next big adventure. Preferring design and aesthetics over practicality, he actively searches out tools that combine them in order to outfit the seemingly unattainable perfect EDC. His interests are particularly invested in pocketknives, notebooks and writing instruments and their place in daily life. Austin has worked as a graphic designer and is currently attending school to obtain degrees in Communications In Media Studies and Marketing. In his down time, he can almost always be found with his nose in a book, sipping a mug of piping hot coffee.

jeffreyJeffrey Acera, Contributing Writer

Brought up as a San Diegan, Jeff is an average joe with a penchant for music, dance, exotic steels, combatives, and a love for all gear tactical and practical. He’s an advocate for self-defense and of the old saying “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” He is always on the lookout to not only improve his everyday carry system but also improving upon himself to better those around him. He currently attends UCI, pursuing a Bachelor’s in Business Economics. Even while on the study grind, Jeff gets easily distracted by how-to videos, practicing martial arts, and creating shenanigans with friends and family.