Range is a podcast about the New American West


The New American West is in full swing, fighting for a balance between its history and future, but the two are much the same — the desire to cultivate the wild and build the future.

downloadThat’s what Range: Stories of the New American West, a new podcast by Amy Westervelt and Julia Ritchey, is all about. The podcast launched today, and you can listen to the first episode, “Pioneer Women,” on any podcast player (we’re fond of Pocket Casts, personally). Range is a bi-weekly show, and the two hosts “uncover issues and entrepreneurs who embody the outlaw spirit of the West.”

Each episode focuses on a new topic, and season one covers female entrepreneurs, coyote hunting, water wars, the “Cult of Tesla,” and other issues affecting residents of the West.

Westervelt and Ritchey speak with candor, and the two hosts approach the issues with a wealth of experience. Both Westervelt and Ritchey report for Reno Public Radio, and are also reporters for publications including The Atlantic, Modern Farmer, The Daily Beast, Popular Science, and other notable publications.

“We started this podcast because we wanted a place to share the stories of people who not only embody that outlaw spirit of the old West, but are really paving a new path in the New West,” says Ritchey in “Pioneer Women.”

Learn more about the show at RangePodcast.org.

Cover illustration by James Guthman.

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