EDC Profile: Shanghai with Benjamin Pothier

One of our favorite globetrotting adventurers and artists, Benjamin Pothier, is back with a new everyday carry to share with you all — this time, it’s from his recent trip to Shanghai.



Pothier says, “I went to Shanghai as I was invited to deliver a lecture on my anthropology and art history research at the DeTAO Masters Academy in Shanghai . I am happy to share my travel pack as well as a techwear review. I travel often for my research or for conferences, and this made me a techwear enthusiast, as well as my interest for sci-fi and street culture. I like practical, durable equipment and clothings, good healthy food and street photography.” Check out more pictures of his trip on his website.

Below is Pothier’s recent travel kit, along with some comments on what he loves about each item.


From left to right, top to bottom:

1 // PEB Blue Long Sleeve denim Shirt (large)
Nice fit and great fabric, super comfortable pockets.

2 // Norse Project: Vorm Brushed (dark navy, large)
I really like Norse Projects apparel. Wore it during my 12 hours flight. nice feel, breathable and still warm, very neat look and a fit that keep a good posture.

3 // Swrve
Love those DWR pants from SWRVE. from the subway to the plane to an international conference to a commuting bike trip, they are close to perfection. black, adaptive, waterproof, breathable… what else?

4 // Masters and Dynamics MH30 Foldable Headphones
Great sound, foldable, black metal finish. An amazing tool, from listening to MP3 to audio recording.

5 // Bagjack Travel Bag
Another great piece of gear from BAGJACK. Super versatile.

6 // Bagjack Next Level Belt
The name says it: NEXT LEVEL.

7 // Rains Bucket Hat
Great piece of headwear from RAINS, made with their specific waterproof fabric. Soft touch. Beautiful black. I love their tote bags, too.

8 // Acronym NTS-NG1
Acronym… need to say more?

9 // Norse Projects Thor Light Winter (large, black)
Very neat primaloft raincoat from Norse Projects. Wore it during my conference and used it as an insulation first layer under my Acronym Hardshell. Really great Classical cut with up to date fabric. Instant classic!

10 // Suicoke
Techwear sandals by Suicoke. getting ready for tatami life

11 // Carinthia PRG Goretex Pants
Professional Goretex pants that looks definitely great with my Acronym hardshell. Carinthia is much more known by law enforcement and military personnel than by tech wear and fashion addicts, but this pair of pants is absolutely neat in my opinion. 100% waterproof and very breathable. Gonna wear it on my next hike, as well as in Paris with a cool pair of sneakers…

12 // Rode Stereo Mic X
Next level microphone from Røde.

13 // Freka Facewear
Amazing facewear from fashion design company FREKA. Tested during a 12 hours flight from paris to Shanghai, as well as in Shanghai streets during pollution peaks. Pollution protection, and Hinoki wood for a good smell.

14 // Norse Projects: Noel 10 (black)
Another classic accessory by Norse Projects.

15 // Baron Fig Notebook
Great finish, neat notebook, very nice feel.

16 // Zoom H5
Straight from Ghost in the Shell, audio recorder by ZOOM… great sound and I do love the design!

17 // Goodwell Toothbrush
Black, bamboo, sustainable toothbrush.

18 // Titaner Titanium Lotus Pen
Amazing titanium pen from Titaner.

19 // Keybar Titanium
Your classical Keybar in titanium.

20 // USB KEY From Tromsø University
Souvenirs from my Arctic Circle expeditions.

21 // Zeal Optics Sunglasses
I’m a big fan of ZEAL products. And they are sustainable. Badass sunglasses.

22 // Bellroy Elements Travel Wallet
Perfect passport sleeve with a small pen ready to fill customs paper in the plane. Never travel without it.

23 // Viking Footwear Apex Boa
Next level running shoes from Viking footwear. A little known Norwegian shoes company, but Norwegians know a little bit about Goretex shoes and hiking boots. I’m almost in love with my hunting boots from them, actually… hiked in the ARctic Circle with them. Really a high quality brand.

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