Astronauts prepare tool belt for tomorrow’s space walk


Astronauts Kjell Lindgren and Scott Kelly, both of whom currently inhabit the International Space Station, are preparing for a space walk that will take place tomorrow (Wednesday, Oct. 28). On his Twitter, Lindgren posted a cool timelapse video about preparing the space suit tool belt for the venture.

Both astronauts are part of the ISS Expedition 45. Kelly is currently embarking on the Year in Space experiment, in which his brother, Mark Kelly (also a former astronaut), is living on earth. Scott is 213 days into his ISS stay; scientists are researching the impact living in space has on the human body by comparing Mark and Scott’s health pre- and post-space living. The brothers are twins.

Kelly and Lindgren will spend six and a half hours out of the ISS during the space walk. According to CBS News:

“The major goals of the excursion are to lubricate the snare mechanism on one end of the lab’s robot arm; to install insulation on a high-energy physics experiment; to remove insulation from a stowed electrical distribution box; and to lay power and data cables needed by a new docking mechanism that will be installed later for use by new commercial crew ferry craft.”

Best of luck to both astronauts! We’ll try not to think about Gravity too much while you’re exploring the void. Learn more about the Expedition 44 and 45 crew here.


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