The Mini Museum brings global artifacts to your desk


If you find yourself daydreaming about Tomb Raider-esque adventures during the work day, the Mini Museum is the item for you. The Mini Museum is a table top display and “a portable collection of curiosities from Earth and beyond!” It features 26 tiny specimens of ethically-sourced artifacts.

ad338d0c391d627165b09cf32b6c7517_originalFounded by Hans Fex, the first edition of the Mini Museum was made possible by a successful Kickstarter, and the round two Kickstarter has 15 days left that you can still contribute to (even though it’s way past its goal).

Fex’s father was a researcher and director at the National Institutes of Health. He was inspired by his father’s findings from a young age, and came up with the idea for the Mini Museum when he was seven years old.

“Growing up, we had a subscription to every great science magazine – and living near Washington DC we visited the Smithsonian museums and saw dinosaur bones, meteorites and rockets almost every weekend. My father kept an amazing collection of artifacts at his laboratory office and also at home,” Fex writes.

There are two versions of the Mini Museum, at $299 and $399 respectively, that you can buy online. Every item is authenticated and sourced by researchers and curators specifically for the project. The specimens are then preserved in acrylic. The goal of the Mini Museum is to make science and history available to people outside of a museum.

On the Kickstarter page, Fex writes, “The Universe is amazing. I really want to remind people of that. How awesome would it be to own a collection of rare rocks from space, dinosaur and ancient mammal fossils, reminders of civilizations lost, and relics from some of the most talked about places and events in human history? And all in the palm of your hand?”

We’re inclined to agree. Learn more about the project and education efforts at

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