Babes Ride Out is a campout for awesome female bikers


Is there anything more badass than a rad woman riding a motorcycle through the desert? (I’m just going to answer here — “No.”)


Photo via @ashmore on Instagram


At least, that’s the kind of woman I aspire to be, like the post-apocalyptic biker gang in Mad Max.

Well, fellow wasteland women, if you too aspire to be part of an awesome ladies-only biker gang, Babes Ride Out is the crew for you.

matus1Babes Ride Out is an annual campout for women motorcyclists to hang out, bond and traverse the Southern California desert on their two-wheeled beasts. This year’s event is on October 23-25 in Joshua Tree. You can register on their website, which also has an event schedule for the weekend.

Helmets are a must for participants while they’re on camp grounds. Participants can also bring a camper, although bikes are the star of the show. Historically, more than 500 women have attended the event.

On her website, participant Monica Semergiu documented her experience (with some amazing photographs; be sure to check them out). She wrote, “Babes Rideout is for women who ride motorcycles. They get together, once a year, at a given location, and men are not allowed. You may think it’s weird and reversed sexism, and I thought that too before I got there, but I was overwhelmed with the spirit of sisterhood and camaraderie, the friendships that were made.”


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If you don’t ride but want to support the organization, you can buy a t-shirt through their site; ten percent of the proceeds go to charity. And, if you’re not able to get to L.A., you can follow along for inspiration on their epic Instagram feed.


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