Natura Vive Skylodge offers rooms with a view


We’re all about adventurous travel, but this Peruvian destination really takes the cake. Natura Vive Skylodge, located in Peru’s Secret Valley, is a “room” affixed to the side of a cliff. The room has a bed and some basic amenities for travelers staying overnight.




The “pods” are almost entirely transparent, and have some curtains to offer moderate privacy. To get to it, travelers must hike or zipline to the destination. Suspended in the mountains, it’s certainly not a room for the faint of heart, but it doesn’t require visitors to be expert climbers or hikers to get to it. The trek to it is intended to add to the experience.

According to MyModernMet, the pods are 24 feet long and 8 feet wide, and come eqipped with a bed, dining area, and bathroom (an “eco-toilet and sink”). They’re “constructed from aerospace aluminum and weather-resistant polycarbonate.”


Peru is already a travel destination that draws adrenaline junkies, so if that’s your thing, this is certainly an experience to add to your bucket list.

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