Bunker Buddies is our new favorite survival podcast


If you’re a new prepper, the internet is a goldmine of prepping blogs, shows, books and media to educate and inspire aspiring survivalists. It’s a lot to take in at any level of prepping. I’ve spent my fair share of the last five years learning much about prepping, both as a personal hobby and as a writer who has covered the topic in depth. And I think that prepping, as important as it is to ensure personal safety and preparedness, can be fun, too. This is certainly embodied in my new favorite podcast, Bunker Buddies with Andie & Travis. Bunker Buddies is a part of the Maximum Fun podcast network and co-hosted by Andie Bolt and Travis McElroy.

x_ADPEFRBunker Buddies is first and foremost a comedy podcast; the hosts are comedians, and involved with other podcasts and media projects. Travis McElroy is one-third of the My Brother, My Brother and Me podcast, and Andie Bolt is a comedy writer and producer. However, they both have an invested interest in prepping, and they don’t treat it like just a goofy hobby. Each episode includes legitimately useful information or insight on apocalyptic scenarios. A recent episode about plagues featured guest Dr. Sydnee McElroy (the co-host of another must-listen podcast, Sawbones, about medical history). They discussed the likelihood of large-scale plagues, as well as measures people can take to be medically prepared in the post-apocalypse. These tips included growing your own medicinal herbs, stocking up on supplies, and learning first aid.

They’ve also discussed their gear and everyday carry. According to that episode, here’s what they each have in their EDCs. We also asked Travis what type of knife he carries, and he said it was a “relatively inexpensive Gerber.” Based on the photo he sent us, we learned it was the Gerber Cohort.


And, like we do here, they talk about prepping in popular culture and post-apocalyptic stories (like Snowpiercer and The Last Man on Earth). New episodes of Bunker Buddies are released every Wednesday.

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