Pop Culture Carry: Agent Carter


728741We’re kicking off our 2015 round of Pop Culture Carry, our favorite on-going series where we profile awesome fictional characters and their signature gear!

Comic book characters are some of the best examples of gear in action, and I consider myself a lucky fangirl that so many comic book adaptations have found their way to the big and small screens. One such example is Agent Carter, the television spin-off following Agent Peggy Carter of Captain America fame. Peggy Carter is one of my all-time favorite characters. I love women who kicked ass in the 1940s, and Peggy embodies everything great about strong, smart women dedicated to making the world safer post-WWII. Agent Carter is excellent, and Peggy’s ensemble epitomizes the fashion and function of the late 1940s. Here’s some of her signature gear.

peggy carter

Red Fedora Hat

Agent Carter’s red hat is her signature look, and it enables her to look classy and sophisticated while standing out from the crowd. Carter’s hat is a custom-made Stetson fedora, but we’ve linked to their website if you’re looking for something similar. The one featured in the image is from this site.

Red Velvet Lipstick

When I think of women’s fashion in the 1940s, I certainly think of red lipstick. Hayley Atwell, the actress who plays Carter, posted about the actual lipstick brand used by the makeup department. So if you’re going for authenticity, you can’t get much better than that.

Red Nail Polish

Continuing with the red theme, Peggy consistently rocks impeccable red nails. It’s a nice contrast to her neutral work clothes and combat uniform.

Bobby Pins

Agent Carter manages to have picture-perfect victory rolls and curls even when she’s smacking bad guys with staplers or on the run from the law. And let’s be real–all cool women carry bobby pins. They’re endlessly practical. Just sayin’.

Walther PPK/S Gun

Although her coworkers like to ignore the fact that Peggy was in the military during WWII, she’s still a badass who finds herself using her war skills beyond the battlefields. One firearm she uses commonly is the Walther PPK/S.


Peggy is a double-agent, but she still believes in the mission of the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR) where she works. That is, until she founds S.H.I.E.L.D.

Brown Combat Boots

Post-war Peggy wears cute and practical heels for the office, but I love tactical Peggy–complete with leather combat boots.

Military Jacket

Peggy represents her fellow soldiers well in her military uniform. While real vintage military suits are best found on Etsy or Ebay, you can still emulate Peggy’s look with a military-style coat.

Check out Agent Carter on Hulu Plus!

In Pop Culture Carry, we explore and compile the gear used by some of our favorite characters in popular media. The rules: finding real-world counterparts to our favorite fictional gear, gadgets and wearables. We are always accepting suggestions for this series, so leave a comment below or send an email to editor@thenewartemis.com.

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