3 notebooks with unconventional covers


There are few things I love more than a good EDC notebook, and while I prefer neutral colors or geometric patterns, the form factor lends itself well to experimentation. If you’re in need of a notebook to add to your everyday carry, we’ve previously shared our suggestions for paperback notebooks and leather covers for Field Notes, but if you want to add some unique patterns and textures to your EDC, here are a few suggestions.

Indigo Denim & Canvas Notebook


Are denim accessories having a comeback? I’ll admit that denim notebooks initially reminded me of the kind my grandmother’s friends used to make from recycled jeans, complete with the pockets. But this 5×7 in. notebook is surprisingly stylish and impeccably designed, and pairs especially well with metal EDC items. The cover provides a pleasant texture without being intrusive to writing on the go. Kaufmann-Mercantile, $32.

Field Notes Shelterwood Edition


Field Notes makes notebooks in a variety of colors and designs, but their wood covers stand out among the rest. Although these Spring 2014 editions are sold out through their website, they can still be found on websites like Amazon. Each notebook features a different grain of wood in just slightly different tones. These pair well with other wood EDC items, or lighter metals like brushed aluminum or titanium. Field Notes, 3 for $9.95.

Poketo Marble Notebooks


What evokes luxury more than the site of marble? Now you have the luxury, but not the weight, of a beautiful marble accessory. These notebooks by Poketo use subtle marble textures on their notebook covers, and the covers are flexible so you can still fold the notebook in half for easy use. Pair with metal or matte EDC tools. Poketo, $32.

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