Cinemagraphs by artist Julien Douvier capture the world in motion


The way humans respond to certain sights is pure biology–we’re hardwired to have a visceral reaction to particular images. It’s the feeling that arises when we see a waterfall, or grass moving in the wind; something about these sounds and movements speaks to our experiences and dreams.

A simultaneous feeling of tranquility and restlessness struck me when I saw these cinemagraphs by artist Julien Douvier today on Colossal. Douvier is a photographer based in Strasbourg, and while he creates cinemagraphs (the more artful cousin of gifs) on all subjects including urbanity and art, I was drawn toward his nature captures. Here are some of my favorites:





While photography is a medium with endless potential, it’s great to see an artist try something new, and merge traditional nature photography with extra detail to make the captures really come to life. Check out more on Douvier’s website.

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