Pop Culture Carry: Strike Back


strike back

On the show Strike Back, characters Michael Stonebridge and Damien Scott serve as a Special Boat Service Royal Marine and a disgraced Delta Force Operator. Together Stonebridge and Scott form the tip of the spear for MI6’s “Section 20.” From South America to Africa and the Middle East, they take the fight to some pretty dangerous people in some very dangerous locations. It’s one of my favorite shows on cable television right now, and it has a mix of Hollywood embellishment plot lines with very realistic military action. Here are some of my picks for their gear.

Plate Carrier: Condor Cyclone Lightweight Plate Carrier

Sidearm: Glock 22

Knife: Emerson SpecWar Folding Knife and Fallkniven A1 Army Survival Knife

Pants: LandsEnd Willis and Geiger Poplin Bush Cargo Pants

Boots: Bates Footwear Velocitor Desert Boot

Gloves: Oakley SI Assault Gloves

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