Pop Culture Carry: Rita Vrataski, Edge of Tomorrow

Emily Blunt As Rita Vrataski In Edge Of Tomorrow Wallpaper



Epic science fiction film Edge of Tomorrow is, without a doubt, one of my favorite movies of the year. Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise kill it as a duo trying to save the world from an invasive alien race–and to do so they employ some heavy-duty mechanical suits called Jackets. (If you want to make a Jacket, check out this awesome MAKE article.) But aside from this futuristic armor, Blunt’s Rita Vrataski also wears other tactical gear throughout the film. To us, Rita Vrataski’s gear embodies her personality–strategic, reliable, tactical and totally badass. By popular demand, here’s Vratatki’s Pop Culture Carry.

SIG Sauer P226

At several points throughout the film, Vrataski relies on her SIG Sauer to either fend of enemies or “reset” her comrade, Bill Cage.

Arcteryx Konseal Hoody

Jackets are some serious mechanical wear, so to ease that, Vrataski wears an insulated later of clothing underneath it, like this Arcteryx hoody.

5.11 Tactical Stryke Pants

Proper combat wear is a must, and Vrataski wears tactical cargo pants throughout the entire film. And we’re guessing they’re a staple in her closet anyway. (Speaking of, 5.11 really needs to bring these pants back for the rest of us ladies. Just sayin’.)

Danner Fort Lewis Boots

Vrataski is a soldier, and on and off the battlefield she wears some heavy duty combat boots–which come in handy when her and Cage are on the run.


One of Vrataski’s iconic looks in the film involves a MOLLE vest mixed with a tank top. It’s a look we think is pretty rad. Tactical chic!

United Cutlery Special Agent Stiletto Blade

To “reset” the day, Vrataski employs several weapons to kill her Cage. At one point, she pulls out a thin fixed blade to do the job, before Cage stops her.

Big Sword

Vrataski’s iconic weapon is a massive helicopter blade sword that she uses almost effortlessly. We had a hard time tracking down helicopter blades, but this weapon replica company NorthStar collectibles makes a similar version. This kind of weapon is popular in anime stories, and as Edge of Tomorrow is an adaptation of anime All You Need is Kill, we like the homage.

In Pop Culture Carry, we explore and compile the gear used by some of our favorite characters in popular media. The rules: finding real-world counterparts to our favorite fictional gear, gadgets and wearables. We are always accepting suggestions for this series, so leave a comment below or send an email to editor@thenewartemis.com.

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