Weekly Inspiration No. 10


chiu-chih-voyage-on-the-planet-designboom08Visions of the future come in many different ways. Some see the future earth as a ravaged, apocalyptic wasteland. Others envision a clean and shiny urban landscape. And some see potential for both–a realistic approach that acknowledges earth’s depleting resources, but using that as the inspiration for innovation that can still make for a bright future. At least, this is what we thought of when we saw designer Chiu Chih’s air mask concept design (Voyage on the Planet) in which the wearer can breathe in the oxygen generated by organic plants. Although it’s more of an art project than a prototype, it’s a unique concept and a cool-looking item that would fit right into a dystopian story. In any case, it’s always heartening to see a bit of green grow from the cracks of hopeless situations.

With that in mind, have a great week!

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