Betabrand makes gear for the unconventional


betabrandIf you’ve ever wanted to dress like an astronaut without venturing out of the atmosphere (I’m still recovering from seeing Gravity), well, now you can. Clothing company Betabrand seeks to crowdfund and crowdsource clothing design, and to make some inventive wearables along the way. Among these is the Space Jacket, which resembles a NASA astronaut’s suit. If you couldn’t tell, we’re all about integrating unique tastes and geeky interests into our daily lives through style, design and gear. This is a fun jacket for the science lover, but it’s also a high-quality jacket that’s light but insulating.

I think Betabrand could be a good model for companies going forward–like Quirky, it allows designers and inventors to share their designs, and if the design gets enough funding, it becomes a reality. With a supported network and a set amount of guaranteed exposure offered by Betabrand, a design has a better chance of reaching the masses than a brand new and ambitious Kickstarter campaign (not that we’re knocking Kickstarter–we’re just excited about different ways entrepreneurs can find success). What’s more is that consumers, too, get to “vote with their pocketbooks.” There’s a reason there are so many adages like “money talks”–monetary support is a great way to gauge people’s wants and interests.


urban awareness jacketUrban Awareness Jacket

We’re all about urban exploration but safety is key whether you cycle, walk, parkour or take public transportation around the city. The Urban Awareness Jacket is adorned with reflective panels for high visibility. The result is a Tron-esque, light-weight jacket that doesn’t hinder physical activity.

betabrand2Tricolor II Cornucopia Backpack

The Tricolor II is intended to be a versatile pack for urbanites. Equipped with reflective strips, several pockets and a sack-like opening, this pack is perfect for a visit to the farmer’s market followed by a bike ride to home or work. Also available in other colors (like in the featured image).

DARPA soft shellOrange DARPA Soft Shell

This DARPA soft shell’s asymmetrical design and wide hood gives it a very modern aesthetic. It’s also water repellent, insulated and named after the┬áDefense Advanced Research Projects Agency for extra cool factor.

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