Pop Culture Carry: Lagertha Lothbrok, Vikings


As a lifelong lover of mythology (does the name of this website indicate that just a bit?), I’m thrilled that history’s best legends have been embraced on television. One such show is History Channel’s gorgeous, enthralling epic Vikings, which follows the life of famed Viking warrior Ragnar Lothbrok and his family. And while I certainly enjoy Ragnar’s brooding adventures, it’s really his wife, the shieldmaiden Lagertha, that makes this show worth watching. She’s given her own narrative arc in the show, and Lagertha’s obstacles as a Viking woman are exciting even as they are tragic and moving. Although the evidence supporting the role of shieldmaidens in history is often disputed, there’s no doubt that women like Lagertha existed, who strived to find a balance between being a fierce warrior, a fair ruler, a respected partner and a loving mother. It’s no wonder she’s become such an inspiration for modern women. So to celebrate the second season of Vikings, premiering this Thursday on the History Channel, we put together the gear we imagine would never be too far from Lagertha’s hands.


Wooden Viking Berserker Shield

Legend goes that Lagertha was a well-trained warrior and accompanied her husband into battle on multiple occasions—
and is also noted for coming to his rescue.

Leather Belt Sword Scabbard

Lagertha’s weapon of choice is a sword,
which she keeps attached
to a sheath on her leather belt.

Cold Steel Viking Sword

Popular knife company Cold Steel makes a Viking sword that is similar in style to Lagertha’s—a streamlined design that does the trick against enemies.

Helle Viking Knife

Aside from her aptitude with weapons, Lagertha is also an experienced homemaker, and employs tools to help her hunt, cook and keep her home in order.

ModCloth Pouch Belt

Whether she’s on the battlefield or collecting resources in the wildnerness, a small satchel keeps the important items close.

Drinking Horn

Prior to the tragedy that befalls Lagertha’s family at the end of season 1 (I won’t spoil it for you), Ragnar takes over as Earl after defeating the former leader. A drinking horn is employed to consume drinks during celebration.

Frye Leather Boots

Leather boots: making women feel like badasses since the Viking era. Which is no surprise that Lagertha wears knee-high leather boots with her armor.

Black Leather Bracers

Lagertha’s armor has been stepped up this season; one of the perks of being a legendary shieldmaiden, it seems. Her ensemble includes bracers that help protect her arms.

Sleeveless Chainmail Shirt

A chainmail tunic is a more reliable option than the leather tunic Lagertha previously wore in battle.

Cape with Fur Detail

Lagertha helps rule the town while Ragnar is away, and her fur cloak denotes her status as a respected leader.

Long Bead Necklace

Beads were often worn by Viking women, who wore them attached to the front of their tunics supported by two broaches on each shoulder. Beads were revered and prized by Vikings, men and women alike.

In Pop Culture Carry, we explore and compile the gear used by some of our favorite characters in popular media. The rules: finding real-world counterparts to our favorite fictional gear, gadgets and wearables. We are always accepting suggestions for this series, so leave a comment below or send an email to editor@thenewartemis.com.

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