Pop Culture Carry: Frank Underwood, House of Cards


While many are aflutter over impending flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s Day (which does sound mighty good), we’re gearing up for a weekend marathon of one of our favorite TV dramas, House of Cards. The Netflix series follows the schemes of Congressmen Frank Underwood and his rise to the top of the political food chain. Based off of a British show of the same name, the U.S. version stars Kevin Spacey as the clever and cryptic Underwood. While the show is a compelling and addicting drama, we’re also drawn to the fantastic style and cinematography that separates it from other political shows. In honor of season 2 of House of Cards, out on February 14, we’ve put together Frank Underwood’s Pop Culture Carry. So if you’re looking to have a date night in, few things are better than some messy BBQ food and some dark political intrigue.

house of cards

Gieves & Hawke Navy Chalkstripe Jacket
Politicians are expected to keep up appearances, and Underwood never looks less than dapper even when he’s plotting someone’s demise. Spacey wears several G&H ensembles on the show.

ID Badge Holder
An ID badge is a staple item for White House employees.

Flag Pin
Regardless of political affiliation, all politicians seem to agree that repping the American flag is a sign of patriotism.

School Ring
Underwood is a gradate of the Sentinel, a fictional school based on the Citadel. His school ring is part of his signature gesture–tapping his hand twice on a table to mark the end of a conversation.

Presidential Pen
The Presidential pen is used to sign important legislation–and it’s a sign of Underwood’s views on presidential power when he carelessly gives away the pen that signed in education reform.

Coach Bleeker Legacy Accordion Wallet
A man like Frank tends to write many checks to help facilitate certain situations; we suspect his wallet is a vital part of his daily carry.

IWC Portuguese Chronograph Automatic Men’s Watch
Spacey is a known IWC fan, and happens to wear an IWC watch in nearly every one of his projects. This particular model can be seen on several occasions during the show as part of Underwood’s regular wear.

Leather Pocket U.S. Constitution
Frank is nothing if not cunning, and frequently employs the word of the law to help sway his opponent’s perspectives.

Purell Sanitizing Wipes
Frank’s biggest vice–aside from power–is barbecue food, and he frequently visits his friend’s place to enjoy a large plate of ribs and a quick moment away from D.C.

PS Vita
Aside from BBQ food, Frank’s other secret hobby is video games. In a conversation with Peter, he hints at needing a Vita to entertain him during long car rides. 

American Spirits
Sharing a cigarette with his wife is one of the most iconic aspects of the show, as it’s usually where Claire and Frank share their latest plans.

BlackBerry Bold 9700 / iPhone 5
It’s common for politicians to carry BlackBerry phones, and Frank nearly always has his phone in hand. But he also has some secret phones that he uses to conduct unofficial business–or to gather blackmail.

In Pop Culture Carry, we explore and compile the gear used by some of our favorite characters in popular media. The rules: finding real-world counterparts to our favorite fictional gear, gadgets and wearables. We are always accepting suggestions for this series, so leave a comment below or send an email to editor@thenewartemis.com.

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