Leatherman Skeletool


I carry a SOG Powerlock multitool in my bag, and I carry my bag to work every day. The Powerlock is a great, full-featured mulitool, but I realized that it had a lot of features that were not getting used and that it was not comfortable to carry in my pocket. The tools that I use most often–pliers, wire cutters, screw drivers, bit driver–are not at arm’s reach if they are in my bag, especially when my bag is not nearby. I considered EDCing my Leatherman Micra but it has none of the tools I need and is too small for long use.

The Leatherman Skeletool ($70 MSRP; ~$35 on Amazon.com) is the perfect solution. It has all the essential tools I use and is just as comfortable as carrying a knife clipped to my pocket.



  • Needle nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Half-serrated knife
  • Bit driver
  • 4 bits (2 double headed screwdriver bits)
  • Bottle opener

The frame is stainless steel for strength and the spacers are aluminum to keep the tool lightweight. The weight is 144g (5oz). One double-sided screwdriver bit is stored in the bit driver and the other is stored in the frame. The bit driver uses Leatherman’s flat hexagonal shape that uses Leatherman’s bits. A ¼” adaptor can be used for any additional bits or sockets. The bits are securely stored and I never fear it falling out and getting lost. The half-serrated knife is made from 420HC stainless steel. It can be opened one handed, while the tool is closed, for easy access. It locks using a pocket knife style frame lock. The knife is so great and easy to deploy, I consider using it rather than a pocket knife.


The needlenose pliers are slightly smaller and more blunt than most other multitools. The pliers are ergonomic and snap into place when fully opened. The carabiner allows this tool to be clipped to a bag or loop and is also a bottle opener. The pocket clip is a great feature that allows this tool to be carried just like a pocket knife. The price is around $40 for the standard Skeletool and $60 for the CX, which is less expensive than many other tools of this size and quality.



In my opinion, this tool is the perfect form factor. It doesn’t have all the tools that my Powerlock has, and for me, it doesn’t need to.

Bottom Line

The Skeletool is a great EDC tool because of its light weight and pocket carry. The size is large enough for comfort and moderate use, and small enough to be carried without extra bulk. It lacks some tools that many other full-sized multitools have.


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