EDC on a budget: Keychain tools under $50

Keychain tools under $50 Keychain tools under $50

We had some internal debate over the term “keychain tool” before we selected the options for this category. Keychain tool refers to a few different things: an item that helps organize a keyring, and provides an option for easy carry via a clip or carabiner; a tool that clips on to a keyring but isn’t the primary carry solution; or tools that happen to be a mix of both. So that’s how we’re defining keychain tool for this roundup–each item must aid in keychain carry and organization, but also must offer some tool ¬†function as well. (While we’re very pleased with the affordable and well-designed options we’ve chosen, we also recommend checking out Kickstarter for some really unique designs.)

keychain tools



Boker Vox, $29.21 
At 1 oz., this light Boker tool is a great addition to the urban explorer’s pack–its small form makes it an unobtrusive way to carry a key ring and still have plenty of function. It’s equipped with multiple tools, such as a nail puller, bottle opener and glass breaker without making an actual multitool redundant. The prybar tip is also handy for emergency situations



CRKT K.E.R.T (Key Ring Emergency Tool), $8.99
For under $10, you can’t beat this excellent emergency tool by CRKT. Despite its size, it comes packed with features, including a seatbelt cutter and a sharp edge that cuts through webbing and other tough materials. The most unique ability of this tool is the oxygen tank opener. This is a tool made with preppers in mind.



Leatherman Carabiner Accessory, $8
This affordable Leatherman Carabiner is a simple but perfectly practical keychain tool, offering just the right amount of function for an adventurer. With a bottle opener and a wrench, this tool can help you out in a bind, but really, it works best as a carabiner that’s plenty large enough to hold many keys and accessories without much weight.



Pangea PickPocket Torq, $20 
This beautifully-designed tool always elicits an enthusiastic response for it’s appearance and function. It’s similar in shape to the Alpha, but for techies, there’s a wrench and other custom holes to aid in modding. And for $20, it also offers plenty of space for keys and additional tools, and the clip slides right onto a pocket or the strap of a bag.



Vargo Titanium Keychain Tool, $19.95
This Vargo tool is sure to be a conversation starter with its unique shape and functionality. Bust this out at a party to open a bottle, and show off the three wrenches (5 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm). There’s also a screwdriver. The hole can be used with a keyring or a lanyard. Because the tool is flat, it won’t add any bulk to a bag.

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