Weekly Inspiration No. 4


Sure, the last thing the world needs is more ways to eat sugar. But for husband-and-wife team Kyle and Liz–the founders of The Sugar Lab–using sugar as a 3D printing material has the potential to make “mega-cool” edibles. While 3D printing everything is all the rage right now, the novelty hasn’t worn off for us yet, and we think these geometric sugar sculptures are totally futuristic. Born out of a desire to make their friend a unique birthday, The Sugar Lab was founded when Kyle and Liz were in grad school. Inspired by their backgrounds in architecture, they set out to apply the same ideas to food. Check out more at The Sugar Lab.

Weekly Inspiration is a feature in which we share inspiring, beautiful and thought-provoking stories and images from around the web. No. 1 / No. 2 / No. 3

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