EDC on a budget: Multitools under $50

http://thenewartemis.com/2014/01/20/edc-on-a-budget-multitools-under-50/ Multitools under $50

Although we didn’t include multiools in round 1 of our EDC on a budget series, we truly think they’re one of the most important items a person can have on them at any given time. And multitools are among our favorite items to shop for, given the amount of unique shapes, tools and designs available by our favorite companies. But we tried to pick multitools that we believed would serve each of our style types well in both form and function.




Gerber Crucial Tool, $22.99 
Urbanites can certainly benefit from having a multitool–there’s nothing worse than being stranded without one. This compact and lightweight Gerber tool has a unique aesthetic compared to traditional multitools, and comes with a carabiner you can clip onto your pack. With eight tools, there’s plenty here to help you out in a pickle.



SOG PowerAssist, $47.99 
Besides the fact that SOG multitools just look tactical, this beast is a heavy-duty multitool that can also take the place of EDCing a knife, if you’re so inclined. The PowerAssist–we prefer in the black oxide finish–comes with two knives and 11 tools, including several screwdrivers and a V-cutter.



Leatherman Rebar, $38.91
Leathermans are a must for adventurers, and truthfully, “Leatherman” is synonymous with “reliable multitool.” While most Leathermans would suit the outdoor enthusiast fine, the Rebar is an affordable and full-sized tool with 17 features, including a saw, which can certainly come in handy during a camp-out.



Adafruit Midnight Hacker, $30
Really, when we think “techie,” we’re really thinking “hacker”–those who love to tinker and break things apart to see how it works. And what better to support that than the Midnight Hacker, an electronics multitool, by one of our favorite hacker brands, Adafruit? Plus, it’s compact and comes with a keychain.



Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Knife, $30.18
There’s no way we could leave SAKs off of the list, as they’re the quintessential multitool. But because they come in so many fun designs, we think a SAK is a great fit for trendsetters who can mix and match with their EDC. The Huntsman with the wood scales is classy and totally functional.

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