EDC on a budget: Flashlights under $50

Flashlights under $50 Flashlights under $50

Flashlights are a tricky item to incorporate into an EDC–while a flashlight is an endlessly useful item, it’s hard to find a great one for under $50. And to pick five reputable lights in suitable styles and functions for each of our categories was no small task. But we’re pretty excited about the abundance of excellent flashlights available, so we hope that one of these selections will tickle your fancy. Photo viaNo items were comped for this roundup. For an overview on this series, go here




Foursevens Preon P1 $45.83 
This sleek and cleverly designed flashlight is perfect for the urbanite who doesn’t necessarily need to use it all the time. But don’t underestimate this little light–it has seven modes: low, medium, high, strobe, S.O.S, beacon and beacon low. The runtime lasts between one to 23 hours, depending on the mode, and shines 84 lumens on its brightest setting. Powered by one AAA battery, this 2.95 in. light is turned on via twist, and can be clipped onto a pocket or pack for quick access.



5.11 ATAC A1, $34.99
This hefty little light packs a punch in 4.2 in. The tail switch, good for tactical operations, has a momentary on feature, which means it can be turned on without clicking. This water-resistant light has three settings: high, low, and strobe. And it takes just one AA battery to power 100 lumens and can last for up to 28 hours, depending on the mode. It’s one of the brightest in this selection, and one of the brightest for its price point.



Fenix MC11 Angle Flashlight, $44.95
This exceptionally functional, 4 in. long flashlight is perfect for setting up camp. The lowest mode is 3 lumens, which can last for 53 hours–great for lowlighting or reading in a tent. On high, 80 lumens results in a 2 hour battery life. The head rotates 90 degrees, and the light can tail stand and be set on a surface for light adjustment.  With an S.O.S mode, it’s a safe choice of a light to clip to a pack, hat or belt, and takes standard AA batteries–so if you’re making a long excursion in the wilderness, a couple extra batteries will suit you fine.



Veleno Quantum D2, $48
The Quantum D2 looks like an item straight out of Battlestar Galactica–this stainless steel is an aesthetically unique item for a techie’s EDC. The coolest feature is its ability to charge its lithium ion battery via USB. At 1.5 in., it’s small enough to fit on a keychain. The Quantum has an output of .01 lumen to 120 lumens, and is also available with locator lights. Chemical and water resistant, this flashlight’s ability to charge by USB means that techies who have electronics on them can charge it nearby and always have a power source for it.



Olight I3S EOS, $24.95
The Olight in various models is a popular EDC choice, and we like it for the trendsetter because of its unassuming and dependable form factor. Available in several colors, this Olight comes with a keychain and can be added to a keyring or carabiner. With three modes–high, medium, and low–the output of this compact Olight is 80 lumens. For those who don’t need to use a flashlight daily, the 30 minute to six  hour run time on one AAA battery will be plenty.

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    The Fenix LD15 is a AA powered pkeoct torch. I look at it as the “chopper” of flash lights. It is just barely enough aluminum to wrap around the battery. It does not even have a switch, you twist the bezel to mechanically make the circuit. It is only a little more expensive but provides the advantage of taking the AA battery. Macumazahn

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