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You don’t have to be a writer to include a notebook in your everyday carry (although for those of us who are writers, it’s a no-brainer). Despite the many great note-taking apps available for smartphones, there’s something satisfying about the tactile experience of jotting down thoughts, lists and more into a notebook. The problem is that there are so many cool notebooks on the market, so how do you choose just one? Here are some of our favorites.

Field Notes

Field Notes

I’ve taken to calling these the iPhone of EDC notebooks. I see these everywhere! What’s nice is that several companies have made notebook covers especially for this brand. These notebooks come in a pack of four for $9.95, and have four paper options—lined, graph, blank and mixed. Different colors are available, but I’m personally a fan of the original ones. 48 pages.

Moleskine Cahier

Moleskine Cahier

This is what I’ve been using as my EDC notebook for the past few months. I like these because they have the same high quality of Moleskine notebooks, but at a cheaper price. Cahiers come in different colors and different sizes—I use the 3.5 x 5.5 in black because I like that it’s compact, but still large enough to write easily. A pack of 3 is $8.95—I got mine at Target.

Rite in the Rain

These notebooks are not for the faint of heart—they’ve been designed to withstand harsh conditions. Perfect for the outdoor adventurer—or someone prone to spilling coffee on notebooks (not that I’m speaking from experience or anything). These might not be as cleverly designed as the others (although I like their little logo), but they have a simple and pleasing aesthetic. They also have different sizes available. A 12-pack costs $45.95.



I don’t see these as often as Field Notes, but I think they have a similar feel, with a few more color options. These remind me a lot of the Moleskine Cahier, too. I particularly like the modern take on camo—would be a good fit for a rugged or tactical EDC. Pack of 3 for $9.99. 48 pages.

Doane Paper

Doane Paper

I stumbled upon these on an EDC forum and they look pretty snazzy. These capitalize on the 3.5 x 5.5 form factor and have a simple, black and white color scheme—like Field Notes, the logo is displayed on the cover, but the minimalistic design makes these neutral enough to match any EDC scheme. I enjoy both the wide ruling and the grid paper. A pack of 3 is $9.95. 48 pages.

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    I do understand that some are prcjoet notes and others are personal but why not just divide the book in half? Front is prcjoets, the second section is personal.The added benefit is that if one writes more notes in proportion of one type then you can allot more space to that section. The flip-flop method gives exactly half the book to each and you end up carrying two books when you run out of space for one category of notes.

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