The New Artemis goes overlanding2

The New Artemis goes overlanding

At the end of March, I was fortunate to be invited along onMountain State Overland’s trip through the mountains along the border of Virginia and West Virginia as they filmed the fourth episode of their on-going ...

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A look back at the 2004 Atlantic hurricane season0

A look back at the 2004 Atlantic hurricane season

We’re coming upon the eve of the 2014 Atlantic Hurricane season. It will mark ten years since Florida had what many view as it’s most active and destructive hurricane season. 2004 started out like most hurricane ...

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Knives under $50 Flashlights under $50 Watches under $50 Packs under $50


http://thenewartemis.com/2014/01/20/edc-on-a-budget-multitools-under-50/ Phone cases under $50 Flash drives under $50 Wallets under $50 Keychain tools under $50

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History of the Swiss Army Knife0

History of the Swiss Army Knife

The Swiss Army Knife is one of the most iconic pieces of cutlery to date. Its signature red scales are identifiable across the world, and it has become a staple in many individual’s every day carry. ...

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Hacking the System is a primer to lifehacking0

Hacking the System is a primer to lifehacking

Those with an affinity for preparedness and survivalism usually start their foray into the topics with a brief moment of panic. It’s overwhelming to realize the insecurity of your home, your family, your belongings and your ...

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Android Wear is the OS for wearables0

Android Wear is the OS for wearables

It’s safe to say that after our recent post about picking an activity band, we’re pretty excited about the potential for smart watches. Smart watches combine the best of what we love—gear and technology—and could potentially ...

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3 reasons to shop at the military surplus store0

3 reasons to shop at the military surplus store

Military surplus stores–sometimes referred to as milsurps for short, or army surplus stores–are some of the best places to get unique, high quality gear, clothes, tools, and outdoor equipment. This might be common knowledge to some ...

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Teaser: Mountain State Overland, Dirt Road Trip and The New Artemis go overlanding0

Teaser: Mountain State Overland, Dirt Road Trip and The New Artemis go overlanding

New Artemis staff writer Rick Stowe recently went overlanding with the great crew at Mountain State Overland (and you can check out his article, Primer to Overlanding). The full video documenting their adventure will be out ...

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REI's April Fool's joke is ridiculously cute0

REI’s April Fool’s joke is ridiculously cute

April Fool’s Day is simultaneously the best and worst day of the year to go on the internet. Every website is full of uncertainty, but popular companies see the day as a creative challenge. And so ...

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Fitness bands: How to choose the right one for you

For the outdoor explorer, a fitness band can be a unique way to track your lifestyle, especially for those training for athletic events or those who want to get in better shape. A fitness band is a wearable device that collects data on your physical activity. This data is often synced with an app or a web service, and it’s intended to help people determine what they need to focus on or what habits may be holding them back from progress.

Fitness bands are huge this year, as proven by dozens of new models showcased at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Instead of providing a roundup of the growing list of options, it’s more helpful to determine what your preferences are and work backward from there. Here’s what to look for in a fitness band.

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Primer to knife sharpening

Sometimes you’ll see people on forums asking why, after sharpening their knife, it just won’t cut like it used to. Well, sharpening doesn't mean the knife will be sharp. Let me explain. There are three ways to keep your knife sharp: sharpening, honing, and stropping. While there are many tools and techniques used in each respective process, only sharpening takes away the most metal. Honing and stropping is almost the same thing in that, instead of removing metal, these processes are meant to straighten out the edge.

You can think of honing and stropping as the same thing, but stropping straightens out the cutting edge on a micron scale. Honing also normally uses medium-high grit stones and sharpening steels while stropping calls for a leather strop and depending on preference stropping compounds.

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